Logbook Servicing

To keep you protected in your new vehicle when out on the road, the logbook warranty provides peace of mind that should something go wrong, you will not be out of pocket. This means that during the warranty period and so long as your logbook has been filled in correctly, all parts and labour costs will be covered.

However, it’s vital that your logbook servicing is completed on time and as scheduled. As failing to do so could be a costly experience. At Fernside Automotive, our skilled and licensed mechanics can perform new vehicle logbook servicing on petrol, diesel, LPG and electric hybrid vehicles. Which will ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

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Before purchasing a second-hand vehicle from a dealership or from a private seller, it’s vital that you have a pre-purchase inspection carried out by a licensed mechanic. Failing to do so could see a terrible situation where the vehicle looks great on the outside, but under the hood serious problems tell a different story.

Here at Fernside Automotive, our skilled team of mechanics can assist you with pre-purchase inspections and E-Safety checks. Which will provide you with the peace of mind that when it comes to making a large purchase in your life, what you are buying is exactly as advertised.

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Air Conditioning

The air conditioning unit in your passenger vehicle brings cooling comfort during the harsh summer days and acts as a quick windscreen demister during the cold winter months.

However, without regular inspection of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, undetected problems no matter how miner, can turn into something more serious.

Here at Fernside Automotive, our passionate mechanics have a wealth of experience when it comes to inspecting and diagnosing the most common and uncommon air conditioning problems. This includes the inspection, repair and replacement of parts if necessary. Including the compressor, condenser and other technical parts.

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Steering and Suspension

The vehicle’s suspension system provides comfort to both you and your passengers when out on the road and works hard to keep the wheels on the ground as much as possible to provide traction.

However, without regular inspection of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system, problems can begin to develop which will directly impact on the smooth running of your vehicle.

The team at Fernside Automotive strongly recommend that when you book your vehicle in for its annual service, you also have the suspension system inspected. At our modern workshop, we are proud to offer this service as well as the following:

  • Wheel alignments
  • Shocks and springs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Bushing replacement
  • Power steering repairs and replacement
  • Lift kits and 4WD upgrades.

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Exhaust Repairs and Replacement

Modern passenger vehicles come with a wide range of sophisticated equipment and the exhaust system is one vital component. Tasked with the serious job of removing harmful gasses and toxic fumes, the exhaust works hard to expel these out the rear of your vehicle.

However, as your vehicle ages, so do the parts and components due to being used on a regular basis. Here at Fernside Automotive, we recommend that your vehicle be booked in at out workshop on an annual basis to have performed what is known in the industry as an annual inspection.

This will ensure that your exhaust system continues to operate as designed and that there are no faults in the system which could harm you or your loved one’s health when out on the road.

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Clutches and Transmissions

When booking your vehicle in for its regular annual inspection, most people do not think to have the clutch and transmission system looked at. Which includes draining and re-filling of transmission fluid in an automatic vehicle and gear box oil in a manual vehicle.

Failure to have this vital preventative maintenance performed on a regular basis, could see your clutch and transmission system stop working or even worse need complete replacement.

Here at Fernside Automotive, our mechanics have decades of experience working on a wide range of vehicles and are proud to assist customers with comprehensive servicing, repairs and replacement.

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Cooling System

The vehicle’s cooling system works hard to protect the engine from overheating and in a worst-case scenario, protects you from costly repairs if needing to have the engine completely rebuilt. It does this by pumping chilled liquid coolant from the radiator and through the hoses connected to the engine.

At Fernside Automotive, we are privileged to assist our loyal customers with a wide range of cooling system services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Radiator repairs and replacement
  • Heater repairs and replacement
  • Coolant flushing
  • Thermostat inspections

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Designed with stopping power in mind, the humble automotive brake system works hard to ensure that each time you push down on the brake pedal, your vehicle will come to a complete stop.

However, if your vehicle is not booked in for regular servicing, you might not be aware of your brakes losing their stopping efficiency. This could create a dangerous circumstance when out on the road, should you need to perform a sudden emergency stop.

At Fernside Automotive, our team of passionate mechanics can assist you with a wide range of brake services which include: component replacement (pads, rotors, drums, etc), machining, hoses and restorations.

To book your vehicle in for a brake system check-up, please give our friendly team a call today!

Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

The modern passenger vehicle comes with a comprehensive auto electrical system and is made up of three primary components: the battery, alternator and starter motor. All of which work together as one system to ensure that when you try to start your vehicle, it will turn over every time.

Here at Fernside Automotive, we can assist customers to diagnose a wide range of auto electrical issues and provide the best repair solution at the most affordable price. This includes assisting with the diagnosis of component replacement and testing (battery, alternator, etc) and auto accessories.

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Protecting you from the harsh elements outside and debris which can be flicked up from the road as you pass by, the vehicle’s windscreen is a durable and vital piece of automotive equipment. However, as it is exposed to the outside elements, often and through no fault of your own, it can become damaged.

Here at Fernside Automotive, we always tell our customers that at the first sign of windscreen damage, no matter how minor in size it may appear, to book their vehicle in for an inspection. Small chips and dents can quickly splinter into dangerous large cracks, which can potentially put the safety of yourself and loved ones in harm’s way.

To book your vehicle in for a windscreen inspection or full replacement, please get in contact with us today!


At Fernside Automotive, we can assist customers with towing services. Our skilled tow truck drivers will ensure that your vehicle arrives safely back at our workshop with the minimum amount of fuss.

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For best performance when driving your passenger vehicle around the streets of Redfern and the surrounding suburbs, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the health of your vehicle’s tyres.

Overtime, the tyres which are fitted to your vehicle can begin to degrade and show signs of wear and tear, and the wheels themselves can begin to lose alignment.

Here at Fernside Automotive, our modern and fully equipped workshop can assist customers with a wide range of tyre related services, for cars, trucks and 4×4 vehicles.

If you tyres are running low on tread, need to be repaired or if it’s time for a new set of tyres, please give our friendly team of mechanics a call today!

Other Vehicle Services

  • Light trucks under 4.5t
  • Motorcycles (pink slips)
  • Trailers